Grinnell, Iowa

Why an Auction?

* The auction method will give you the greatest opportunity to generate the most money in the shortest amount of time with the least problems. No matter how you dispose of merchandise there are costs, the auction process will allow you to recover those costs in the quickest way possible.
* An auction allows the public to set the price. There is a bargain at every auction, but the total sale will average out and be representative of the merchandise offered. Auctions are an unique sales process that actually allows the seller to receive more of a return then they ever imagined.

* Preparation is another key to a successful auction. It is not necessarily the object, but its presentation that creates value. At our auctions, our company, along with our professional staff, will work to display your items to their best advantage.
* Auction goers are knowledgeable about products and prices. These people attend auctions on a regular basis, they keep the bidding competitive and insure that the item will bring top auction dollar for that particular day.

* We put forth our best effort because the success of your auction reflects on us and is our best advertising. Our profits rest on our ability to contact the proper buyers in order to receive the highest price attainable.

* We are your advertising coordinator. Getting the right people to your auction is critical. Through the years we have developed an advertising strategy to get the correct buyers at any given auction. We advertise nationally, statewide or locally, creating a customized marketing plan for each individual auction. We utilize many options.

* We do not have fond memories or personal attachments concerning the sale of items, and can, therefore, interact with the crowd as an impartial arbitrator. We are able to answer all questions objectively and unemotionally.

* We know how to "sell". Anyone can learn the auction chant. More important is product knowledge and personal expertise gained through years of successful experience, which helps to generate the top dollar you are seeking.
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